tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012







As some of you have noticed I've had a little creative break from blogging for awhile, but now was inpired by an email that I received from Stella Harasek. First fashion event of the year, couldn't be more excited when got invited to Finnish Catwalk Autumn/Winter '12 VIP Night. The event was held 27th of Feb at the Old Student House "Vanha" and there were 30 Finnish designers' delicious work to be seen on the catwalk from Delffi to Tyra Therman. Finnish fashion bloggers, trendsetters, opinion leaders and designers all gathered up to witness Finnish fashion bandwagons for next winter. To put it in a nutshell, next winter is going to be a sweet mix of thick knits, foxtails, felt, layers, bright reds, yellows and blues. Wonderful Ahlskog Leather was selected as the Finnish Fashion Achievement of the year. Congrats!

It's been snowing a lot in Finland lately. Love it how the snow veil covered streets and buildings shimmer in the shades of pink and orange every morning when the Sun rises. Priceless. I'll fly to London tomorrow to visit my darling Heini, so got to start packing. I bet I'm gonna experience at least one deja vu there - shopping so intensively that will be forced to buy a new suitcase once again to get the outcome to Finland. Haha. Have a great week everone, while my little London getaway keep yourselves updated by following me on Twitter...

xoxo, Stu