torstai 30. syyskuuta 2010


I just found my ultimate dream faux-fur boots for the winter from one german web store that didn't ship to Finland unfortunately - aren't these boots just sooo beyond!? May it sound pretty funny (I don't mean to make you all stress about the holidays just yet) but christmas is less than 3 months away now and at least I wanna get this fluffy studded pair before it snows.... It just might be so that I have to be creative myself to come up with identical pair. Chains, studds and metallic grayish brown pieces of leather.... So to the fabric store shall I head this week! Fell in love with the fur boots seen in Paris Chanel Fall 2010 RTW - yet again since the 90's, haha ;) Have been keeping my eye on the shoe shelves at the stores here and my fingers crossed if there would be a nice boutique owner that'd see the beauty in these beasts....  Here's a scan of the Chanel ad that I've been saving as my inspiration on my "wall of fashion"

Ps. Soon it pays to be a L&L reader = a giveaway coming up, so keep commenting and you might just win yourself some luxury hair products! ;)

keskiviikko 29. syyskuuta 2010


Just a quickie. Early wednesday morning, drinking my morning coffee and getting ready for the day. Yesterday I had a day off and was feeling nice & comfy wearing my new olive green knit from Lindex, black studded leather belt, black satin ribbon UGGs and white leather jacket. This knit is definitely one of those things that make you purrrr when you put it on.... ❤   

maanantai 27. syyskuuta 2010


Temperatures may be hovering in the 20s from New York to L.A. - but in stores across Finland, fall clothes have arrived.... It's raining most of the time, the leaves are falling on the ground by covering it with a bright colored blanket with the shades of reds, oranges and yellows. Here's a brief recap of the season's trends

This fall there's no need to freeze. The minimalist resurgence may be continuing, but that didn't stop some designers from taking a more-is-more approach. J.Crew's Jenna Lyons covered her models in a mix of sequins, shearling, cashmere, and denim, and there were upward of eight garments in a single outfit at Rag & Bone. Elsewhere, the layered look took on a chic-nomad feel: Wrap sweaters and skirts resembled handwoven blankets at Rodarte, and striped shawls were worn with cozy suede boots at Kenzo. Whatever else, you won't go cold this winter under wraps. But leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to have the last laugh. At Chanel, everything from the house's classic tweeds and quilted, chain-strap bags to yeti boots was trimmed in fur - faux fur, that is. 

I just bought a few knits for the fall and this white one is definitely my favorite. And yep, that's true - there's the aries ring too squeezing it's way to the picture again. I wear it almost daily now since I love it so much....

Hope you all had a great weekend!

torstai 23. syyskuuta 2010


For some reason my papillon Naomi loves to sleep on my fashion mags. These are the new issues of ELLE Finland and TRENDI. There's no better feeling than opening a brand new fash mag and soaking into fall trends. 

lauantai 18. syyskuuta 2010


Sometimes you just find that purrrrrfect pair of boots.... like I just did. Cristobal Balenciagas first haute couture house in Spain was founded in 1818. Balenciaga soon came to embody Parisian elegance. He was hailed as "The Couturier of Couturiers" and The Master of us all by designer Christian Dior. Balenciaga shoes were added to the collections with amazing results. In 2001, Gucci Group, in partnership with Nicolas Ghesquiere as creative director, acquired the House of Balenciaga.

Fashion is really moving fast. Different fashion trends change from one style to another. When it comes to shoes, boots are now on the high light. When it comes to the latest trends on boots, Balenciaga boots collection made it with a bang. These boots are made not just for walking, but also with the touch of fashion. Balenciaga's latest designs captured every women's desire when it comes to design. This designer chose the perfect color and designed new styles that women are craving for. Imagine wearing those lovely, leather, pointed wedge boots.... isn't it a wonder? 

Then there’s a snow white Balenciaga wedge boot that camouflages the high wedge heel in a tall shapeless white on white form that may be molto trendy in the Italian Alps after a day of skiing in Cervinia.... Balenciaga has given white wedge shoes a whole new meaning.

perjantai 17. syyskuuta 2010


beige shirt H&M
bracelets Glitter
rings GinaTricot
necklace Tiffany Co.

Bought this aries ring the other day. I'm such a typical aries if you ask any good friend of mine :D This week has been so busy. Yesterday we had a photoshoot for Sunny's Fashion / Baby Phat at the NRJ Finland studios. Tonight I'll have a gig at theCIRCUS - this party is gonna be huge since Alexandra Alexis, Cascada and K-System are all performing on stage. Hope to see some of you there - come and say hi!

perjantai 10. syyskuuta 2010


Can't believe how the visitor numbers have increased over the summer - love you dolls for reading! Fashion blogs are clearly making it.... Every now and then you inevitably collide with articles of fashion blogger Cinderella stories like Hanneli Mustaparta - such a talented girl, gotta adore her. Us fashion bloggers are finally making bigger and bigger influence in fashion and sneak-a-peaks of these fashionistas styles can later on be seen on the streets and school corridors. Anyways love it how this way more and more people can create their unique own styles, mix and match + have fun with their appearance.

For today wearing light gray VSCT jeans boyfriend shirt as a tunic, latex leggings from Gina Tricot, black Paccio peep-toes (also have these in white 'cause just fell in love with them at the very first sight!), necklace is really a chain from one of my GUESS bags....

torstai 9. syyskuuta 2010


This week has gone by so fast.... Dad came for a visit yesterday and we went out for lunch together to a really nice italian restaurant just a few blocks away. Mom and dad mean a world to me still and always will ❤ Highlights from this week so far: getting new delicious cocoa HealthySexyHair hair care products ( can't wait to try them!! ), working with Jho at Kaivohuone last night and partying with our good friends afterwords.

I love pearls. The more the merrier right? Bought this several-pearl-layer necklace from H&M, black V-neck long sleeve GinaTricot, "table clothe" plaid black&white skirt H&M and you've seen the studded DinSko wedges a couple of posts ago already....

keskiviikko 8. syyskuuta 2010


Who makes my day, everyday, is a man that I fell in love with 1½ years ago - my future husband that I love so much ❤ He's a well-known photographer and everytime he  manages to capture the moment and comes up with something beautiful. He is the best in business - if you ask me ;)

It's so much colder now than last month and at least here in Finland it's yet again time to forage our wool knits and scarfs out of the storage. I wouldn't consider that as a bad thing tho - there are more layers to work with! Inspired by the Paccio peep-toes came up with this look for today. Hope you all had a awesome summer, now let's welcome fall ❤

Bought the white short leather jacket last spring from bargain sales for 30€, the striped knit is a gift from a good friend of mine, latex leggins GinaTricot and wearing Paccio's white studded high-heels.

( click the pics for a close-up )     


tiistai 7. syyskuuta 2010


You guys are awesome! At least I don't need to worry about ideas to run out of stuff to write here since you guys are such an insipiration. I've got several messages to post a pic up here of my shoe collection. Well, here's a little something for you - a pic of my shoe shelves. There I keep just some of the high heels, then there are sneakers, boots and so on in the closet... I really don’t think a girl can own too many shoes, whether you wear them for your faith or just for fun!  (and that's right - there is a pair of Jho's sneakers in the bottom shelf too but don't mind them darlings :D)

...And quoting to Karl Lagerfeld: "Oh yes, I love to do shoes. I'm not a fetishist but I love to do shoes."

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perjantai 3. syyskuuta 2010


Rainy days. Don't you just love them? In spite of the fact that it makes your hair look like a wet poodle and gives you shivers, I love this act of nature. The mall is then more quiet, less crowded and therefore more tempting for a fashion lover to wander around. Found this cute little japanese boutique in the middle of Kamppi (the biggest mall in Helsinki downtown). They sell super adorable bling bling decorations, make up, accessories and so on. Plus a small collection of shoes, tops, dresses and jeans. And all this for very affordable prices too. I just had to  bling up my camera since it's always with me where ever I go and so wanted it to lighten up my day whenever I use it, haha... ;)

ELLE Finland Style Awards 2010 - Vote Now 

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