maanantai 27. syyskuuta 2010


Temperatures may be hovering in the 20s from New York to L.A. - but in stores across Finland, fall clothes have arrived.... It's raining most of the time, the leaves are falling on the ground by covering it with a bright colored blanket with the shades of reds, oranges and yellows. Here's a brief recap of the season's trends

This fall there's no need to freeze. The minimalist resurgence may be continuing, but that didn't stop some designers from taking a more-is-more approach. J.Crew's Jenna Lyons covered her models in a mix of sequins, shearling, cashmere, and denim, and there were upward of eight garments in a single outfit at Rag & Bone. Elsewhere, the layered look took on a chic-nomad feel: Wrap sweaters and skirts resembled handwoven blankets at Rodarte, and striped shawls were worn with cozy suede boots at Kenzo. Whatever else, you won't go cold this winter under wraps. But leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to have the last laugh. At Chanel, everything from the house's classic tweeds and quilted, chain-strap bags to yeti boots was trimmed in fur - faux fur, that is. 

I just bought a few knits for the fall and this white one is definitely my favorite. And yep, that's true - there's the aries ring too squeezing it's way to the picture again. I wear it almost daily now since I love it so much....

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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For The Fierce kirjoitti...

Sick ring <3

KcomeKarolina kirjoitti...

omg!!! those pics are pure poesy!
i just bumped into your blog...and i love it!
follow you now!

Puck Litaay kirjoitti...

Ok, I'm officialy in love with that ring.


Ariadne kirjoitti...

Beautiful pics!Lovely ring!

Emma kirjoitti...

I love you ring!!!! The pictures are great!

MeCaitlyn kirjoitti...

looks so comfy the pullover!!
very nice pictures

Toni Tralala kirjoitti...

The ring is most definitely a keeper! It was about 113'F a few days ago here in LA! Too hot! :s

The photos are amazing! I love autumn. :)