lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2011


Had been running around yesterday all day like a maniac from morning shift to pole dance class. In the evening relaxed with a well-earned glass of wine with my darling Heidi and enjoyed Lookin' Good Fashion Club show at Suvilahti. Insane platforms woren by a model with huge horns on her head kinda stole the show from glitter underwear and other extraordinary things seen on catwalk. The night was hosted by adorable Alexandra Alexis and she also performed two songs : Famous and New York. I love my new blue heels and the Jeane Blush dress that almost seems like it'd be wrapped in black duct tape - spiced up the look with some chunky silver rings and earrings to match....

Designers: MOIMOIBarcelona / Mirkka Metsola / Tyra Therman / Riivari / Ainokainen / House of SYYS / With love Sanna Hopiavuori / First Crush / Dead Birds & Lionheart / Piia Hänninen / gTIE / Exleather / Poola Kataryna / Camilla Mikama / Sade Sekki Jewelry / Vietto Ecofashion

Event by Kreative Generation and ArtShortCut
Eastway, Brand Model Management, Indiedays, MSCHIC, Spin FM

perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2011


Got invited to Lookin' Good Finland Fashion Club event that'll be hold tonight at Suvilahti, Helsinki. My good friend Alexandra Alexis will be hosting the night and 16 designers' clothes will be seen on the midnight catwalk. I thought these electric blue shoes that I exchanged with my friend the other day just could be the right choice for a special night like this. Planned to combine them with my new black Jeane Blush dress. Blue ain't my favorite color but as a little detail it works for me. Can't wait for the night!


I've got some exciting news! I just got my new iPhone4 and let me tell you that although I've had it only for a day now I just couldn't live without it anymore. Earlier I couldn't understand all the buzz over it but it's just something that is truly worth to buzz about. I haven't shown too much enthusiasm towards apple thingamajigs before, but after experiencing this I just might get the next laptop from Apple too. Today after work had a great day with my girls, did some clothe exchange and ate too many delicious mozzarella sticks on the process. Have been playing with the iPhone camera all day long and here are the rings I wore today, just love these new arrivals at Bijou Brigitte!

torstai 8. syyskuuta 2011


The season with colorful nature, that cool breeze in the air, atmospheric evenings in candle light, raindrops pattering windows, warm oversized knits, leather jackets.... It just might be one of my favorite seasons of the year. Although it means the summer is once again almost a full year away, it's time for some serious fashion and layers in clothing. So more pieces to play around with. Here let me introduce you to my new shoes from Korkkari37, gotta love them. Leggings, dress and belt GinaTricot, heels Naturezza/Korkkari37, knit Lindex, feather necklace Bijou Brigitte.

Tonight it's time for annual Nelosen Ilotulitus event - fireworks Finnish championships. Event runs as a competition format with 6 teams firing against each other at Rajasaari at 9:30pm. So look up to the night sky tonight darlings....

keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011


I visited one of my favorite shoe stores of all times Korkkari 37. It's a store filled with sample pairs size 37, which luckily happens to be my size too! The name Korkkari 37 means high-heel 37, but you can also find all kinds of shoes there from sandals, brogues, flats, boots, trainers, stilettos to wedges. The boutique's interior is way cute spiced up with chandeliers and velvet tuffets and the owner serves customers with care.

It's a family business and people come there from all over Finland to get their share of the constantly changing selection. The labels sold at the moment are Rieker, Pikolinos, Penelope, Kmb, 1To3, Högl, Lodi, Geox, Ara, Jenny, Jana, Marco Tozzi, Tamaris, Lacoste, Ecco, Kanna, Kess, Zodiaco, Dumond, Bandolera, Billi Bi, Piu di Servas, Caprise, Vagabond, Peter Kaiser, UGG Australia, CAT, Thin´k, Via Uno, Naturezza ja Mentor.

keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011


Yep, I've found top 3 shades to cover my nails this fall. It's been raining most of the time and the streets are filled with puddles. Should buy something more practical too - a nice new pair of rain boots - the sooner the better.

tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011


How come this happens to me all the time? I've got this GUESS boho bag for years, but it has been in the closet for a while. And it's not the only lovely piece that has been collecting dust - more favorite oldies will be seen in the future. So found the snake skin precious again when I cleaned the closests and with all-black outfit the bag itself gets the attention that it deserves. It just brightens up any outfit!

Black multi-layer dress GinaTricot | coral red boho bag GUESS | black tunic GinaTricot | boots Acne | jewellery Bijou Brigitte

sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011


 Part two of my Finnish Catwalk 2011 photo collage. It was so hard to pick these out, since I'd love to share the whole day with you by posting all the pictures up here that I managed to capture during the day and night....

What else? I registered my very own Lily column a few weeks ago. is a vast and diverse interactive Finnish web publication combining contents by the editorial team, users’ blogs and active conversation. If you haven't quite yet checked out my Lily posts (only in Finnish), do it now by clicking the logo