torstai 8. syyskuuta 2011


The season with colorful nature, that cool breeze in the air, atmospheric evenings in candle light, raindrops pattering windows, warm oversized knits, leather jackets.... It just might be one of my favorite seasons of the year. Although it means the summer is once again almost a full year away, it's time for some serious fashion and layers in clothing. So more pieces to play around with. Here let me introduce you to my new shoes from Korkkari37, gotta love them. Leggings, dress and belt GinaTricot, heels Naturezza/Korkkari37, knit Lindex, feather necklace Bijou Brigitte.

Tonight it's time for annual Nelosen Ilotulitus event - fireworks Finnish championships. Event runs as a competition format with 6 teams firing against each other at Rajasaari at 9:30pm. So look up to the night sky tonight darlings....