perjantai 26. huhtikuuta 2013


Wow, it's been crazy 2 weeks. We've been touring around Finland with the Fitness Cover Girl Finalists 2013 Show and despite thousands of kilometers of travelling it's been a lot of fun. The team spirit between 8 of us is amazing and we're all super excited about tomorrows grande finale on Viking XPRS!

I'm now a proud member of the Beyond Belief fitness team ( leaded by the last year's Bikini Fitness Finnish Champion Ships silver medalist Titi Rantanen. She's a guru when it comes to fitness and nutrition. It's been pretty severe 2 weeks too, since I've hit the gym almost every day and my diet is next to nothing on carbs. But it has payed off and I'm pretty happy with the results altho last week I caught the flu and that naturally effected on my training.

Of course there has been some pampering along the way. I got my dazzling golden evening dress for the evening dress round from Anu at SoStylish ( as well as my lashes were done there by Mira. Big thanks for the bronze tan to Linda at SunStudio (, for french manicure Pinky's Nails ( and of course for support, fab hair and white smile to my dear friend Kookie of Fashion As Addiction fash blog ( <3

Tomorrow it's time to shine, wish me luck!

keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2013


The snow is melting, finally. Spring is here. It's time for new things and also bringing some old things back to life - like my blog. Well, most of you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - but I thought I'd start updating the blog again. Some of you guys have been asking what do I eat or how do I work out to keep myself fit and so for those of you I have good news!

Sports have always been a big part of my life. From kids' ballet at the age of three to these days. At the age of 15 I won Finland Champion Ships bronze medal with my sports aerobics team. And for the past ten years I've travelled all over Finland as a professional dancer.

Healthy life style has always been my way of living since I need to keep myself in good shape around the year to be able to entertain audiences with smile on my face. So when I was asked to take part in the first ever Fitness Cover Girl (FCG) competition hosted by the model agency Facemaker and Sport Life Nutritions, I didn't hesitate.

I've learned over these years in show business that one should always go for things, at least to gain new friends and exciting experiences. FCG semifinals were held on a cruise ship called Viking XPRS last Saturday and I got through to the finals among 7 other beautiful fitness ladies. The finals are on Saturday 27th of April on the very same cruise ship Viking XPRS. BOOK NOW ->

Now is your chance to follow my journey to the FCG finals. Today we had a photoshoot for - site of the IIHF World Champion Ships. Since ice hockey has always been close to my heart I enjoyed the interview part especially.

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