tiistai 31. elokuuta 2010


A new pair of shoes - the best thing a woman can wish for, right? Wanted to buy wedges that could be woren even when the weather gets colder - with socks to keep my toes warm and comfy of course ;) This fall it's all about thigh-high leather boots, wedges with socks and/or fur boots. With these little platforms you don't get your feet too wet even if walking in the puddles during the upcoming rainy fall. It has cooled down already (below +15°C), rained a lot and we have had some serious storms here in Finland. Bought these surreal Gaga -inspired studded leather wedges from DinSko for 59,90€


sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010


I hope you guys have had a great weekend! I'm so pleased how many people have read my blog and even had the time to comment. As you all know so far, I might have a little obsession with lace and leather... Soooo yesterday I saw this interesting document of Valentino Garavani. The document focused on the 45th anniversary of his career back in 2007 when he had a three-day haute couture blowout in Rome seasoned with his best pieces from early days, massive amount of celebrities on the guest list and even fireworks - altho shortly thereafter, he announced his retirement. During his nearly half-century career in fashion Valentino dressed several celebrities, actresses and most importantly his rich and devoted clients all over the world. Over and over again this king of lace, chiffon and ruffles came up with master pieces that made the fashion world worship his talent. He's definitely one of my favorite designers and not only because of his speciality to combine lace and leather - just like I love it ❤ Here are some of his gorgeous lace creations - aren't they just amazing? ↓
[ pics from style.com ]

perjantai 20. elokuuta 2010


Wish I had the time to go all the way to Stockholm  16-18th for this but this year couldn't make it. Maybe next year? ABOUT MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK : "Since its inception in 2005, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week catwalk has grown its slate to support nearly forty Scandinavian design houses twice annually, with the primary focus being to attract the international fashion community of press and buyers to Swedish and Scandinavian design". Well, thank God the designers and the collections were immediately posted online and I picked my favorite : Vita ❤  They started with a Beachlife collection 2009 and this first, yet luxurious winter collection goes by "Diamonds are forever". And gotta say that these pieces would definitely fit in my closet! Check them out (pics from the official Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week —> here). Just got my new CC slippers via mail yesterday. I know, some of you might think this is vanity but there's no better way to start the morning than slip on these little pieces of luxury! ❤ Now sipping my morning coffee in my slippers and enjoying my day off. Later on I'll go to my friend's farewell party since she'll start school in London in just a few weeks. Guess I'll spend a while trying on some outfits for tonights party...

Just a week ago  I took part in the Official Playboy Party here in Helsinki at a night club called THE TIGER. The party was all fancy, well put together and there you could spot the celebrities and VIP's of Helsinki night life  sipping champange at once. The entire night (including the red carpet) was captured by my boys at Studio Elite. In addition to that the night was flavoured up with an amazing lingerie fashion show by the Bunnies. Maybe I'll post some pics up later on for you guys to see... ;) But now gotta do something useful like the laundry since J-ho is gonna pick me up in a couple of hours or so. Thanks for all of your lovely comments dear readers, I appreciate every single one!

maanantai 16. elokuuta 2010


Altho this sometimes weird looking pop artist makes some people gasp for breath, I see her (among many others) as a missunderstood genious. She's a phenomenon that will be remembered. 24-year-old new yorker took over the fashion world - I mean I have to say who wouldn't have woren latex-like leggings after the video Poker Face was launched?

It’s ironic that someone who is in a perpetual state of half dress is so strongly influencing fashion. It’s another thing altogether to find allusions to this pop culture omnivore at the haute couture in Paris. She's been on the covers of Elle, Vanity Fair, Flare, V, Asos, Neo2, AERA... you name it, Lady Gaga has almost done them all. And yet it was hard not to detect a hint of the Gaga effect in Gaultier Paris‘ leg-bearing bodysuits, Christian Lacroix’s sculptural skirts, Givenchy’s dangling chains, and even the pouf-skirted finale dress at Chanel. Let me know what you think of her bow hair-do's and so on —> sacrilege or a breath of fresh air?

torstai 12. elokuuta 2010


Soooo, I'll have this important photoshoot tomorrow and hit the nail salon for a manicure earlier today for that. Black tips are my favorite and this time we spiced them up with some little dazzling diamonds in the ring fingers. When it comes to nails there's only one color for me: black.

perjantai 6. elokuuta 2010


Yesterday honey talked me over to go on a little cruise with him with the BMW 540 since we both had a day off. It was a sunny day, and I had a great chance to take some pictures of my beautiful home town at it's best. Well, it's not been that long - 3 years (alredy?!) - I moved here, so I feel like I have an excuse still act like a tourist time to time, right? My hair is still in a state impossible for a comb to go through. Wore something semi boring that day some ripped jeans and a white logo tee so don't have a pic of the look - but enjoyed some take-away Kabuki sushi, yum! :) 

Keep the comments coming darlings ❤

tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010


Hello gorgeous readers! I decided that since there has been multible questions to start writing this thingy in english - I'd do that. For you darlings I'd do anything ;) I have to admit that I’ve become such a lazyass when it comes to dolling-up during the summer! But hey that’s what summer holidays do, right? Oh lord - can’t believe how hot it’s been here in Finland this summer - like +30°C - unlike typical Finnish summer (= much more rain & colder, below +20°C temperatures). This week it has cooled down a little tho. I've been on a vacation most of the summer (finally) and experienced stuff that I'm definitely going to remember the rest of my life! I've been riding hundreds of kilometers on a motorbike with my boo, travelled around Finland - even been to Lapland, gone canoeing, swimming in the middle of the night in a stream, been to adventure parks like Särkänniemi and PowerPark, relaxing at our family's summer cabin - the calm lake, beautiful pink toned sunset and a bomb fire - gotta love it!

Like the movie "Yes man" (2008) starring Jim Carrey for it's idea of always saying yes to opportunities in life. This summer has been all that for me. Last 3 years or so I've spend my summers working and touring  around Finland with my dance crew, don't get me wrong tho - I love my job - yet it's sometimes frustrating being on the road all the time and at some point feel like one's missing out on life a bit. Well, now I've got some time off to load up the batteries and I'm eager to start working again. Couldn't totally stay away from the Elite Studios tho: listed the items that we'll have to have for the fall and okay - I admit it - helped to re-do the interior the other day. Work-a-holic? Me? 

    Dress with sequin suspenders ★ GinaTricot
Lime top underneath GinaTricot
Necklace  ★ Tiffany & Co.
Ballerinas ★ Seppälä
Cambon Bag ★ Chanel
Multible wrist accessories ★ Seppälä, Lindex, H&M
Black nailpolish ★ Make Up Store