maanantai 16. elokuuta 2010


Altho this sometimes weird looking pop artist makes some people gasp for breath, I see her (among many others) as a missunderstood genious. She's a phenomenon that will be remembered. 24-year-old new yorker took over the fashion world - I mean I have to say who wouldn't have woren latex-like leggings after the video Poker Face was launched?

It’s ironic that someone who is in a perpetual state of half dress is so strongly influencing fashion. It’s another thing altogether to find allusions to this pop culture omnivore at the haute couture in Paris. She's been on the covers of Elle, Vanity Fair, Flare, V, Asos, Neo2, AERA... you name it, Lady Gaga has almost done them all. And yet it was hard not to detect a hint of the Gaga effect in Gaultier Paris‘ leg-bearing bodysuits, Christian Lacroix’s sculptural skirts, Givenchy’s dangling chains, and even the pouf-skirted finale dress at Chanel. Let me know what you think of her bow hair-do's and so on —> sacrilege or a breath of fresh air?

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kirstyb kirjoitti...

oooooh fabulous thanks for sharing xxxx

genevieve, sandbox romance kirjoitti...

I think I'm in love with your outfit. The little wrist bow is so darling, and I LOVE (x20) the sweater! Such a nice, soft contract to the leggings.

"It’s ironic that someone who is in a perpetual state of half dress is so strongly influencing fashion."

I adore this sentence. Great piece on how the worlds gone gaga over... gaga!

Dylana Suarez kirjoitti...

She is such an influence!

Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

Roxy Te Owens kirjoitti...

Leave it to Gaga to take Chanel and Marc's bow statements to the next level. Love it! kirjoitti...

Gosh Gaga is amazing !!!! xxxx kisses

Mint kirjoitti...

what font is that on 'this is what i wore' *A*