torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012


The Sun is shining so intensively that you can almost here the snow melting. I love these first days of spring that make starlings sing, nature revive and people smile updating their facebook status with such as "today is a magnificent day" / "can't stop smiling" / "love you all". After the long, gloomy, crud fraught and dismal winter you can finally sense the inspiring athmosphere of a new beginning filling the air.

It's time for me to wake my blog up from its deep winter sleep and could not find a better way to do that than embrace this bliss. Let me introduce to you all my new love of my life, her royal majesty, classic black leather Hermès Birkin. At least for me it has been The It Bag as long as I remember and now I've finally had my dream come true and own one.

Although it was a tough choice between THE orange or black, but as you know me, couldn't resist the enticement of the black leather once again. And as the icing on the cake with its golden details the Hermès matches perfectly with my Dorothy Perkins that I got from London in Feb. Or I should probably say it the other way around... Haha.