tiistai 31. elokuuta 2010


A new pair of shoes - the best thing a woman can wish for, right? Wanted to buy wedges that could be woren even when the weather gets colder - with socks to keep my toes warm and comfy of course ;) This fall it's all about thigh-high leather boots, wedges with socks and/or fur boots. With these little platforms you don't get your feet too wet even if walking in the puddles during the upcoming rainy fall. It has cooled down already (below +15°C), rained a lot and we have had some serious storms here in Finland. Bought these surreal Gaga -inspired studded leather wedges from DinSko for 59,90€


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FunnyFaceBeauty kirjoitti...

I love these shoes. I could never pull them off but I like them on you. I also love that Chanel bag creeping its way into the picture