perjantai 3. syyskuuta 2010


Rainy days. Don't you just love them? In spite of the fact that it makes your hair look like a wet poodle and gives you shivers, I love this act of nature. The mall is then more quiet, less crowded and therefore more tempting for a fashion lover to wander around. Found this cute little japanese boutique in the middle of Kamppi (the biggest mall in Helsinki downtown). They sell super adorable bling bling decorations, make up, accessories and so on. Plus a small collection of shoes, tops, dresses and jeans. And all this for very affordable prices too. I just had to  bling up my camera since it's always with me where ever I go and so wanted it to lighten up my day whenever I use it, haha... ;)

ELLE Finland Style Awards 2010 - Vote Now 

Ellen lukijat valitsevat vuoden 2010 nais- ja miespukeutujan. Nyt on sinun aika vaikuttaa ketkä nämä palkinnot saavat. Äänestäneiden kesken arvotaan avec-lippupaketti majoituksineen Elle Style Awards 2010 -gaalaan. Äänestysaika on 23.8.-22.9.2010. Äänestä suosikkejasi osoitteessa

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genevieve, sandbox romance kirjoitti...

Love the camera bling! Rainy days are totally the best.

Sarah ♥ kirjoitti...

Thank you very much! Great Site! Like your pictures, too. :) Greetings from Germany!

Sarah ♥

Emilie Delance kirjoitti...

Sounds like a cool store :D Love the bling bling camera <3

Marie kirjoitti...

We haven't had rain in a long time here in L.A.! Nice pictures.:D

I am your newest follower!:D

***** Marie *****

Jonesy kirjoitti...

that camera is so cute! i'd loved it. Makes me want to bling out mine : )

I like your blog a lot. I'm a new follower, yay! Please check out my blog too when you get a chance. Hope you follow back.