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I hope you guys have had a great weekend! I'm so pleased how many people have read my blog and even had the time to comment. As you all know so far, I might have a little obsession with lace and leather... Soooo yesterday I saw this interesting document of Valentino Garavani. The document focused on the 45th anniversary of his career back in 2007 when he had a three-day haute couture blowout in Rome seasoned with his best pieces from early days, massive amount of celebrities on the guest list and even fireworks - altho shortly thereafter, he announced his retirement. During his nearly half-century career in fashion Valentino dressed several celebrities, actresses and most importantly his rich and devoted clients all over the world. Over and over again this king of lace, chiffon and ruffles came up with master pieces that made the fashion world worship his talent. He's definitely one of my favorite designers and not only because of his speciality to combine lace and leather - just like I love it ❤ Here are some of his gorgeous lace creations - aren't they just amazing? ↓
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Hachi kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comment, and I really like your blog layout too~ :)

I loooove the look of black lace!

Shanna kirjoitti...

omg i love your header *_*

genevieve, sandbox romance kirjoitti...

Oh my goodness! Those pieces are insane; so beautiful and delicate! It somehow seems as though they shouldn't be worn, for fear of breaking them. I most definitely LOVE the shoe.

FunnyFaceBeauty kirjoitti...

Love your banner.
I also really like the pics in this post. Lace can sometimes feel old and antiquated but these pictures make lace look fresh and modern.
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Bahar Karaoglan kirjoitti...

Great post!
I really adore Valentino <3
Following you, hope you like my blog, too?

Lots of love

Mehak kirjoitti...

These are lovely amazing pieces. I love yr blog layout and header!
Thanks for the comments on my blog. Do follow me if you like what you see, i shall follow back :)

svenja kirjoitti...

oh my god, thanks for this huge and big compliment, that's so nice of you! greetings from germany, the next post will come ;)

xoxo ♥

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

GOSH i'm so in love with lace...

I'm new on Blogspot, but i'm open for every opinion!! ;)
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See ya ?