tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010


Hello gorgeous readers! I decided that since there has been multible questions to start writing this thingy in english - I'd do that. For you darlings I'd do anything ;) I have to admit that I’ve become such a lazyass when it comes to dolling-up during the summer! But hey that’s what summer holidays do, right? Oh lord - can’t believe how hot it’s been here in Finland this summer - like +30°C - unlike typical Finnish summer (= much more rain & colder, below +20°C temperatures). This week it has cooled down a little tho. I've been on a vacation most of the summer (finally) and experienced stuff that I'm definitely going to remember the rest of my life! I've been riding hundreds of kilometers on a motorbike with my boo, travelled around Finland - even been to Lapland, gone canoeing, swimming in the middle of the night in a stream, been to adventure parks like Särkänniemi and PowerPark, relaxing at our family's summer cabin - the calm lake, beautiful pink toned sunset and a bomb fire - gotta love it!

Like the movie "Yes man" (2008) starring Jim Carrey for it's idea of always saying yes to opportunities in life. This summer has been all that for me. Last 3 years or so I've spend my summers working and touring  around Finland with my dance crew, don't get me wrong tho - I love my job - yet it's sometimes frustrating being on the road all the time and at some point feel like one's missing out on life a bit. Well, now I've got some time off to load up the batteries and I'm eager to start working again. Couldn't totally stay away from the Elite Studios tho: listed the items that we'll have to have for the fall and okay - I admit it - helped to re-do the interior the other day. Work-a-holic? Me? 

    Dress with sequin suspenders ★ GinaTricot
Lime top underneath GinaTricot
Necklace  ★ Tiffany & Co.
Ballerinas ★ Seppälä
Cambon Bag ★ Chanel
Multible wrist accessories ★ Seppälä, Lindex, H&M
Black nailpolish ★ Make Up Store

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