keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011


Yep, I've found top 3 shades to cover my nails this fall. It's been raining most of the time and the streets are filled with puddles. Should buy something more practical too - a nice new pair of rain boots - the sooner the better.

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Mary kirjoitti...

Hello, I love the color chanel Khaki.

Natalie Leung kirjoitti...

really pretty nail polishes the rose one looks the best!

now following :)


Norah kirjoitti...

i have an addiction to chanel nail polish too. though i don't think they are super good quality, tends to chip too fast but doesn't matter - i still chanel we're talking about! :)

Erika kirjoitti...

Woah, such pretty colours!!!! My fav would be the first one..a lil bit greenish like. Lovely post!

ps thx so much for ur lovely comment on my post, really appreciate it :) Im following ur lovely blog now! pls do follow mine too if u havent already, it'll mean so so much to me! thx :)


Anonyymi kirjoitti...

love them!

bridechic kirjoitti...

Absolutely love your hair!

♥ tiffany kirjoitti...

Pretty colors!! Perfect for fall!

fashion meets art kirjoitti...

i like your blog so much, honey. i'm following you now. follow back?! thanks for your sweet comment.
which one is your favourite polish? i like khaki rose, but i haven't buy yet. do you have it?!
wish you a wonderful day.
check out my new post if you have a little time and follow me back please.
lovely greets maren anita