sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011


 Part two of my Finnish Catwalk 2011 photo collage. It was so hard to pick these out, since I'd love to share the whole day with you by posting all the pictures up here that I managed to capture during the day and night....

What else? I registered my very own Lily column a few weeks ago. is a vast and diverse interactive Finnish web publication combining contents by the editorial team, users’ blogs and active conversation. If you haven't quite yet checked out my Lily posts (only in Finnish), do it now by clicking the logo

3 kommenttia:

Mary kirjoitti...

Hello, I like your post is beautiful.

Andrea kirjoitti...

Stunning photos, I love your blog so much, I'll be following :)

Mai Niemi kirjoitti...

Your photos are vibrant and energetic.
I just love them. Thank you for a good coverige.