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What a day! Finnish Catwalk 2011 event was held at Old Student House "Vanha" and the house was crowded from the opening to the closing. Finnish designers' collections for spring/summer 2012 were seen on the catwalk and on top of that the after 7pm VIP night just iced the cake. Us guests were spoiled with bubbly drinks and delicious buffet between the two fashion shows: Finnish Catwalk Fashion Show + Finnish Catwalk Designers' Show.

The flowy dresses, oversized jewellery, high wedge heels, fluffy fur details and unique fringe pieces were totally breathtaking. The stylist Jonna Luostari did amazing job, didn't she? It's so nice to see that finnish design is doing well and new interesting designers are breaking through. The shoes for the show from

My personal favorites of the finnish designers are definitely Poola Kataryna, Katri Niskanen and Gilles et Dada

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Great shots, these shows must have been really fabulous!

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Olen tosi kiitollinen kommentistasi! Positiivista potkua tarvitaan!

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Finnish catwalk get smaller and smaller each year. Not cool.
Then Pop fashion comes and it TACKY