torstai 9. syyskuuta 2010


This week has gone by so fast.... Dad came for a visit yesterday and we went out for lunch together to a really nice italian restaurant just a few blocks away. Mom and dad mean a world to me still and always will ❤ Highlights from this week so far: getting new delicious cocoa HealthySexyHair hair care products ( can't wait to try them!! ), working with Jho at Kaivohuone last night and partying with our good friends afterwords.

I love pearls. The more the merrier right? Bought this several-pearl-layer necklace from H&M, black V-neck long sleeve GinaTricot, "table clothe" plaid black&white skirt H&M and you've seen the studded DinSko wedges a couple of posts ago already....

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Puck Litaay kirjoitti...

I really like the check skirt, and you combined it very smartly with this outfit. The necklace adds an air to the outfit that's amazing for this outfit. Keep up the good work, I'll definitely will be checking more of your blog! :) Following you.

Puck @