keskiviikko 8. syyskuuta 2010


Who makes my day, everyday, is a man that I fell in love with 1½ years ago - my future husband that I love so much ❤ He's a well-known photographer and everytime he  manages to capture the moment and comes up with something beautiful. He is the best in business - if you ask me ;)

It's so much colder now than last month and at least here in Finland it's yet again time to forage our wool knits and scarfs out of the storage. I wouldn't consider that as a bad thing tho - there are more layers to work with! Inspired by the Paccio peep-toes came up with this look for today. Hope you all had a awesome summer, now let's welcome fall ❤

Bought the white short leather jacket last spring from bargain sales for 30€, the striped knit is a gift from a good friend of mine, latex leggins GinaTricot and wearing Paccio's white studded high-heels.

( click the pics for a close-up )     


4 kommenttia:

Danielle Barbe kirjoitti...

beautiful photos, beautiful girl, fabulous heels!!

ina kirjoitti...

oh wow thats lovely <3

the knit looks perfectly

kisses from germany

Beckerman Girls kirjoitti...

GRRRRRRRREAT STRIPES! You look amazing! kisses
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Phuong kirjoitti...

looks beautiful girl