lauantai 18. syyskuuta 2010


Sometimes you just find that purrrrrfect pair of boots.... like I just did. Cristobal Balenciagas first haute couture house in Spain was founded in 1818. Balenciaga soon came to embody Parisian elegance. He was hailed as "The Couturier of Couturiers" and The Master of us all by designer Christian Dior. Balenciaga shoes were added to the collections with amazing results. In 2001, Gucci Group, in partnership with Nicolas Ghesquiere as creative director, acquired the House of Balenciaga.

Fashion is really moving fast. Different fashion trends change from one style to another. When it comes to shoes, boots are now on the high light. When it comes to the latest trends on boots, Balenciaga boots collection made it with a bang. These boots are made not just for walking, but also with the touch of fashion. Balenciaga's latest designs captured every women's desire when it comes to design. This designer chose the perfect color and designed new styles that women are craving for. Imagine wearing those lovely, leather, pointed wedge boots.... isn't it a wonder? 

Then there’s a snow white Balenciaga wedge boot that camouflages the high wedge heel in a tall shapeless white on white form that may be molto trendy in the Italian Alps after a day of skiing in Cervinia.... Balenciaga has given white wedge shoes a whole new meaning.

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Josie kirjoitti...

I think the white looks better actually. With black it can fade to a number of cuts, because there's so much black on the streets, but with white the model gets to shine.

Kim kirjoitti...

ooee I want those boots ! kirjoitti...

Yes please!!! love xxxx

manuela kirjoitti...

those boots are perfection!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

cool boots. i like them! :)