perjantai 8. lokakuuta 2010


As we all know - who bother ever take a peek at the fashion blog universum once in a while - lovely  Sandra Hagelstam from 5inchandup has made it to the top fast and furiously updating her blog with some amazing photography combined with well-known 5inchandup-style sky-high heels, unique dresses and huge ring collection icing her fingers no matter whever she goes. I wasn't that sure about the aviators when they first landed, but this leather aviator with a teddyfur twist at her blog and the girly dress underneath turned into an interesting combo for my picky eye for some reason.... I'm gonna wear underneath my light gray chiffon layer tulpan dress, leggings plus big gray wool scarf around my neck to keep me warm while wind blowing trough the streets of Helsinki - that will also soften the fact of cold weathers are soon here.... Already found the kind that's black enough to suit for my warddrope ;) Sandra, you are amazing sweetie!

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Kate kirjoitti...

i have to admit it looks really cool,
also the aviator jacket from h&m is veeery nice of a jacket!
but its a tiny bit short ;)
lets see, maybe h&m comes up with a couple of more!

Marie kirjoitti...

It looks cool!:D

***** Marie *****

Daniella kirjoitti...

i want that jacket!!!!!!!

m.fay kirjoitti...

i want it too!


visit xo

Biululu kirjoitti...

I love your jacket!!
p.s. i follow u!!!
come and see my blog

Dee O. kirjoitti...

GORGEOUS jacket, I realllly like it :)