torstai 23. joulukuuta 2010


faux fur coat GinaTricot | chain ring GinaTricot | grey scarf Topshop | paste iced half gloves Anttila | xmas red nail polish MaxFactor

I was lucky to have one extra day off and visit my old home town Turku in southwestern Finland, it takes 2 hours to travel from Helsinki to Turku. Enjoyed my morning coffee on a train with a pile of December issues of fash mags that had somehow accumulated on the kitchen counter.... Anyhow, Turku is the 2011 European Capital Of Culture and so a fresh example of the richness of culture traditions in this town is the annual Taina Kovalainen dance studio's Christmas Special @ Sigy's Hall. So I went to see it with my sisters.

Amazing show, Taina and her students nailed it, like always - choreographies were intence from jazz to hip hop, and on top of that the costumes varied from white boyfriend shirts buttoned up and tied, to pussycatdoll-like corsets and chicago sequin dresses. The next day met up with some friends and couldn't resist buying some extra christmas presents and a couple of pairs of new leggings from pre-christmas discount sales before taking a train back home.... 

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Café Bouclé kirjoitti...

Hello pretty!
these pics are amazing!

jamie kirjoitti...

these photos are so beautiful <3