maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010


Us Finns celebrate our independence day on 6th of Dec. It's a day off for everyone here - well, almost. I've spent my whole day at work and afterwards will head to Turku to visit my parents and litte sis. So what's our independence day have to do with fashion then? Well, a lot. In Finland every 6th of Dec our president invites the most successful people of the year to her (yes that's correct, we have a female president) Presidential Castle and holds a reception that includes performers, champagne and plenty of especially created dishes for this event. And here's the catch - the thing that really gets public's attention every single year are the gowns worn there. Here are just some of my fave dresses of the past years....

2 kommenttia:

Café Bouclé kirjoitti...

what amazing dresses!
I love the yellow one in particular!

Hachi kirjoitti...

Wow, such beautiful gowns! I really like that navy blue one in particular. Some day I want to go to a fancy party and wear a fabulous gown too ;)