sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011


I LOVE THAT CITY. I hadn’t been there since I was 15, but now it was finally time for my summer vacation abroad and I choose to visit the the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures! It is also home to designers Vivienne Westwood, Galliano, Stella McCartney, Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo among others; its renowned art and fashion schools make it an international centre of fashion alongside Paris, Milan and New York. London offers a great variety of cuisine as a result of its ethnically diverse population - no need to be satisfied just for fish&chips or fried chicken. A good friend of mine has lived in London for a year now studying contemporary dance and so I flew there to see her and bring her back to Finland with me for the summer. Had so much fun with her! My favorites were small unique boutiques of Camden Town, Hyde Park, the busy atmosphere of Oxford Street, lights of Piccadilly Circus, chatty locals, delicious sushi for only 2£ and the black old taxis.

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