maanantai 22. marraskuuta 2010


It has snowed a few days now here in Helsinki and the ground has got a white beautiful thin veil on it. Well, what annoys me about living this close downtown is that there won't be those unspeakably dashing mornings with perfect un-touched shimmery snow blanket around you when you step outside. Instead the trucks have piled it up next to the sidewalks leaving streets looking all hursh and bare. I was inspired by Isabel Marant when I found my ultimate winter coat for this season of snow flakes. Finally faux fur is making it to the stores and I love it since it really is a warm accessory against our cold winter here in Finland. I've already got faux fur detailed legwarmers, gloves and a white fur cap. This straightened black fur coat is a treasure that I'll wear with pride, it's a cherry on top of the icing of my private faux fur collection. I spotted it last winter in several fashion mags and now my wait was finally rewarded and I got it from GinaTricot for only 49,90€! I'm lovin' it ❤


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Scorpion Disco kirjoitti...

Great blog!! I can't believe its already snowing over there, it has only just started to get cold here on the East Coast in the USA! I miss snow! But Im thankful for prolonged fall dressing.

I love these coats, but Kate Moss' is made of Monkey hair! Ew! Thats too cannibalistic.

Thanks for following me, Ill def be checking in again soon!