torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010


grey knit H&M | black faux fur coat GinaTricot | grey knitted scarf | white knitted leg warmers Lindex | black UGG boots with satin laces

Honestly I've never seen this much snow in Finland in November, it has snowed a lot causing traffic accidents and many problems in public transportation. Through-out the history it has snowed a lot here in Finland, but past 10 years the winters have been pretty mild - last years and the one ahead are noticebly colder. But I'm glad it snows, cause when it snows, it lights up the whole city in a way when the ground is all white and shimmery. Usually so shy and silent finns become much friendlier and open-minded when our cars get stuck in the huge piles of snow and we need the random strangers from the street to help us just to go to work... Seems like we're definitely gonna get a white Christmas this year! It's only a month away darlings. I've already frosted our home with Christmas decorations in the shades of red, soft gold and white. After all I'm grateful that we get to enjoy our four seasons full out again....!

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Marie kirjoitti...

Looking chic in the snow!:D

Stay safe!:D

***** Marie *****