maanantai 29. marraskuuta 2010


knit scarf Zara | knit Lindex | faux fur coat GinaTricot | leggings GinaTricot | white faux fur gloves Lindex | white knitted beanie Seppälä

This gorgeous sunny winter afternoon I spent with my darlings. We walked around and found an interesting old meets new combination of beautiful old wood buildings and fresh graffiti. It's -20°C degrees, so that'd be about -4 Fahrenheits to those of you who just got to celebrate thanksgiving. Snow scrunching under our feet we climbed on top of the crag to get a view of the frost topped neighbourhood. It was worth it.

I've got an email yesterday from one finnish designer that I simply adore and she'd like to meet up with me and also invited to visit her showroom. So getting back to that soon sweeties....

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Café Bouclé kirjoitti...

Hello, pretty!
what amazing pics!
I love black and white!
thank you for your visit and for following me.
I follow you and your amazing blog, too.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

beautiful photos, love the shag, and those gloves!! :)

Tamera's Take kirjoitti...

I just started following you and just wanted to say you have a beautiful blog. I love your pictures!! Looking forward to more! xo