lauantai 27. marraskuuta 2010


knit thigh-high legwarmers Topshop | studded heels from Italy | leggings GinaTricot | white knit H&M | faux fur coat GinaTricot | cap Lindex | chain ring GinaTricot
A fur coat has always been one of Vogue fashion icon Anna Wintour's label marks along with never out-growing perfect bob hair cut and designer shades. I'd recommend her this year turn to Karl at Chanel on this - they've made their point clear by choosing not to use any real fur in their show and by doing so won the hearts of the public.... I'm sorry if you dear readers are getting an overdose of my new coat but can you blaim me tho? Is there snow where you live yet?

Inspiration to my thigh-high look came but from the catwalks more of the dance halls, since this has always been the way to wear leg warmers during dance classes. Dance is influencing us now in such a huge way, since Finland's first seasons So You Think You Can Dance -winner was selected just a couple of weeks ago and Dancing With The Stars still continues for a couple of more episodes. Old school dance class fashion is making it's way to the fashion world bringing creative practical alternatives to warm up our wardrope against the icy winds - also giving some overtime to wear leggings that'd otherwise be too thin to wear on a freezy season like this. And believe me when I say that altho it was a beautiful sunny aftenoon, 6 inch heels were far from practical on a snowy day like this - gotta buy a pair of fur boots too obviously. Somebody who understands Russian language please tell me where to get fur boots kinda like below


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Fashion Cappuccino kirjoitti...

The second photo is so pretty!! I love your style and your blog! xoxoxoo

Danielle kirjoitti...

These pictures are beautiful!
Love your blog!

jamie kirjoitti...

youre so pretty <3