maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011


4 years ago a 21-year-old girl moved to Helsinki. Before that she had just seen the city on tv, visited a couple of times. At first it felt so different, huge and distant. Now - despiting the constant clamor, hundreds of street names that she'll never manage to memorize, time to time overcrowded public transportation and endless concrete jungle - it has become a place she calls home. Helsinki has officially made it's way to my heart with its bumpy paving stone streets.

This is also the 4th year for my baby: my fashion blog the lace and leather!  When I started there were not too many fashion blogs even out there, but now they are a well-known global phenomenon that reaches more and more people all over the world.

Therefore I'll be having a little giveaway for you lovely fashion bunnies. Who wants these dark gold earrings to spice up outfits for upcoming fall? Just hit me with a comment on this post telling what's your fashion obsession for the fall and 31.8.2011 you just could be the lucky one!

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Maani kirjoitti...

I just love you every day <3

anna kirjoitti...

Ihana asu :)

Cee kirjoitti...

Congratulations on your fourth blog anniversary! I can see from these photos that you're a pro, you look just stunning and you've taken the shorts from the perfect angles :) I would love to be entered in your giveaway if its open internationally. This fall, my obsession is dark green- I particularly want to add a pair of green flats to my wardrobe.

Fashion Translated kirjoitti...

Great outfit -- love the nail polish colour too!

Fashion Translated

Mary kirjoitti...

Hello pretty good afternoon, first thank you for visiting my blog The blog mery of the style, thanks for your comment and I'm glad you liked it,
I've segudora echo yours, I'll always commenting on everything, I tell you I enjoyed meeting you wear and the look is fantastic I loved the blouse fell in love.
And happy to participate in the lottery.
A big kiss.
And very happy afternoon.

Like Mousse Au Choco kirjoitti...

Hey there,thank you for your sweet comment. This is a nice outfit, loving your nails, accessoires and your pants. I´m now following you :) keep in touch xoxo

Lorena kirjoitti...

Love black and white combination!!

Tanja-Mia kirjoitti...

Hi, your blog is amazing!
I like the pictures.
Check out mine :)

Mona M. kirjoitti...

beautyful girl!<3
Your outfit, your style..pretty much everything is so great,dear!