maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011


It's August and our forests are filled with wild blueberries. It's been a hot indian summer here in Finland, topped with so called "tropical nights" - that means over 20C degrees at night time - and let me tell you that's not too common in this latitude... Therefore there are more berries than ever: even the local radio encourages people to go to the woods and glean these sweet super healthy berries.

Bought this blueberry-smoothie-pink cute tunic (got one in peach too) from London and these two are definitely not the only items that cought my eye at Oxford Street Topshop and ended up into my suitcase. Today I combined the delicious new favorite with black detailed leggings, white tube top underneath and white studded pumps. The fun feather owl necklace is a gift from my dear friend Liisa.

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Diane kirjoitti...

Lovely photos!! I really like ur blog!!