maanantai 15. elokuuta 2011


This is how the head designer Sarah Burton sees the fall of Alexander McQueen 2011. Black and white collections always catch my eye and I gotta say this is one of my favorites for a very long time. Especially the fierce contrasts, leather versus chiffon are next to perfection.

The crackling neon lights were a reminder of McQueen's asylum show and the themeThe Ice Queen and her court had the suitably chilly tone of a vintage McQueen ritual. I love these pieces. I was pleased to see a Finnish model Suvi Koponen on the McQueen catwalk (here in the black fringe dress). Pictures from

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Neris / Fashion Fractions kirjoitti...

WOW! such a fierce collection! love it!


Fashion Fractions

HeyDahye kirjoitti...

Alexander McQueen....AMAZING.!

Carmen kirjoitti...

All of these outfits are so AMAZING! They're making me drool. Especially the last dress.

Carmen Ri.

Clara Turbay kirjoitti...

Edgy amazing!