sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2011


This weekend culture flows to Suvilahti. Yep, it's time for the annual FLOW festival - and its sounds have echoed in the streets for the past days. This was my yesterdays flow-uniform. Great festival day and good performers, altho I was so shocked that Lykke Li cancelled her performance and that's why I left early.

White knit Camden Town street market -- shorts Gina Tricot -- wedge boots Acne -- rings, head band and feather necklace Bijou Brigitte.  

4 kommenttia:

Anna S kirjoitti...

Gorgeous outfit! :)

Carmen kirjoitti...

That sweater is amazing!! Thank you for your sweet comment and for following! I am now following you back!

Carmen Ri.

secretfashionlove kirjoitti...

I love your shirt, I like those knits.
xx J.

Diana kirjoitti...

wow! you have an amazing blog! Love it :D Thank you so much for following me back it really means a lot coming from a true fashionista like yourself :D xoxo Diana